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1,000 ETH
3rd Sale

1EOS = 6.4EYE

1 ETH = 208.8EYE
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What is EyesChain

Blockchain makes multiple participants share the responsibility for accounting records, which reduces the possibility of intentional errors and ensures the reliability of transaction records allowing the parties to complete a transparent and safe transaction.
With these advantages, the application of EyesChain will revolutionize the entire industry and bring forth a more fair and transparent ecosystem to all economic units.

EyesChain of Intriple HK.Ltd.

Jun CEO Interview

Calvin CMO Interview

Calvin CMO Interview (Chinese)

Our Service Solution

AI Financial Management Solution

  • Income and expenditure management solution using AI
  • Reducing business management costs through evidence recognition and data integration management

Blockchain Based Accounting Solution

  • Reducing time/cost for verification and processing by generating reliable financial and accounting data with blockchain technology

Convergence Research Platform

  • Delivers proven data through experts and accounting solution based on basic information about the company

  • Forecasts the growth potential of a company by comparative information with existing industries and listed companies.

Benefits of Solution

Enhancing Corporate Reliability

Securing investor confidence with transparent accounting.
Blocking embezzlement and breach of trust risks.
Preventing the manipulation of accounting records.
Transparent information of taxation.

Ensuring Management Efficiency

Internalization of verification processes enhances accounting audit efficiency.
Automated accounting for transactions that can simplify management process.

Improving Timeliness of Accounting information

Always-On monitoring with real time data records.
Based on real-time accounting information, executive level management can make quick internal decision-making.
Increased investor confidence by up-to-date corporate information.

Revenue Model

Blockchain Based Accounting Solution

Develops and supplies an accounting solution using blockchain and customizes it for each individual company to be more reliable for each transaction.

Financial Accounting and Tax Consulting

Carrying out accounting consulting in accordance with accounting standards and government policies to reduce the risk of regulation and conduct consulting on audit response tasks and TAX issues.

Internal control management consulting

Consulting on the internal elements of the company, including the inadequacies of the internal policies and procedures of the company, to maximize the organization's performance and to ensure the transparency of the business.

Convergence Research Platform

Provides various forms of service and review materials through corporate information and analysis reports, experts and accounting solutions.


Kim Jungu


Jo Seongeun


Yoo Jaesik


Kim Jibeom


Choi Byengchul


Seong Hyeonjung


Kim Eungryeol

Blockchain Developer

Kim Youngnam

Overseas Business

Kim Daehong

Consulting Business

Choi Seonghyeok

Creative Director

Kang Dongkyu

Chief Design Officer


Frank Han

Token Economy Advisor

  • Present, CEO of Skymeadow Partners LLC
  • Former, Chief Evangelist at Penta Security

Dong Usang

Business Advisor

  • Present, CEO of Winners Lab

  • Former, GM of Internet Biz. at Nownuri

  • Consulting & Incubating for 100 + Start-ups each year

Park Hyogi

Business Advisor

  • Present, Director of Glodleaders

  • Former, CEO of Brain HR

  • Patent Management Consultant (PMC)

  • Tech Credit Consultant

Song Mingyu

Business Advisor

  • PlayCoin Director of business

  • Pibble Advisor

  • Bit-Z Exchange Business Partner

Im Huseob

Certified Accountant

  • Present, LEA Yeil

  • Former, Deloitte Anjin

  • Former, EY HanYoiung

  • Auditor of Hana Financial Group

  • Advisor of NPL Sale at Hana Bank

Lee Daewoong

Certified Accountant

  • Present, Director of  Wooil Accounting Firm

  • Former, Deloitte Anjin

  • Auditor of Korea Foodservice Industry Association

  • Auditor of Dunamu Inc., FY.2017

Kim Suwoong

Certified Accountant

  • Present, Direct of G-Pyung Accounting Firm

  • Former, PwC Samil

  • Former, Deloitte Anjin

Chae Seunghoon

Legal Advisor

  • Present, Lawyer at Law Firm Changchun

  • Former, Lawyer at Law Firm Kim & Chang

  • TF Member of Anti-graft law at Korcham

  • Member of Compliance Regulation
    Establishment Work at Woori Bank, Hana Bank, Hyundai Card

  • A number of lectures on Anti-graft law

Token Sale

Token Summary

PlatformTypeSymbolToken Sale Start
Token Sale EndInitial PriceSoft CapHard Cap
 2019-03-281EYE = 0.88USDT2,940,000 USDT15,680,000 USDT
Max SupplyFund Raising SaleInvestment RestrictionPrivate Sale Limit
20,000,000 EYE16,000,000 EYEMore than US$ 88,488

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